Some examples of what we can offer to our customers:

Hardware, tools and diy


A large catalog of products for hardware, tools and diy. Solutions for every type of craft and equipment specifications for all areas of civil and industrial.

Power tools for hobby and professional


From the classic power tools to wire it up to the latest generations of battery, makes your job easier with our tools and you will find benefits and solutions. Also available with the rental.

Construction, stairs, ladders


Equipment, profiles, systems for the construction industry. Ladders and stairs also! Ask us for a quote.

Heating and plumbing


Accessories and systems for heating and air conditioning, piping and fittings for heating and plumbing.

Gardening, barbecue, furniture and swimming pools


All the preparation, the care, the gardening of your green corner. Solutions and innovations.

Safety, clothing and accessories


Protect yourself from the risks of the work with our devices for the individual protection comply with regulations.

Home maintenance, electrical equipment

Everything for the care of your home, cleaning and diy, electrical equipment also on request.

Paints with a tinting system


We provide paints and also achievements of dyed according to our color tables. Ask us for more information.

Service duplicate keys of any type


Specialized in the duplication of the 95% of the keys present on the market in the security locks and padlocks, house, cars, motorcycles, cylinders of safety)

Sharpening service knives, blades, disks, manual tools, also online

The sharpening service, professional online also lets you send and receive your sharp tools.

The agency with the deposit of industrial gases and refrigerants

In collaboration with the best brand manufacturers of industrial gases (freon and technical gas of each type), we cover the entire national territory and with the service. Contact us for quotes and information.

Assistance and spare parts


We offer the after sales service for the brands that we have in the catalogue. Professionalism, speed and experience make our service centre a flagship.


... and much more...